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LocalStack release 0.12.13

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21 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.13

1. New Features

  • introduce kinesis-mock as default provider for Kinesis (replacing kinesalite)
  • add support for API Gateway client certificates
  • add support for API Gateway - S3 integration for GET requests
  • add BUCKET_MARKER_LOCAL option to customize S3 bucket name (__local__) for local Lambda code mounting
  • add support for API Gateway VPC Links
  • add support for requestParameters in API Gateway method integrations

2. Enhancements

  • add CF support for ResourceGroups::Group
  • add support for x-id query param for S3 delete object requests
  • add tagging support for IAM policies and instance profiles
  • add support for Kinesis EnableEnhancedMonitoring
  • add support for EC2 create_vpc_endpoint_service_configuration
  • use the new MOTO_S3_DEFAULT_KEY_BUFFER_SIZE variable for S3 in-memory buffer sizes
  • refactor shutdown procedure
  • use --env-file to pass env vars to Lambda containers to prevent cmd line arguments from becoming too long
  • ignore trailing slashes for some routes in Lambda API
  • update PYTHONPATH in image to accommodate both python v3.8 and v3.7
  • refactor API GW impl. for better compatibility with Terraform
  • parallelize SNS message delivery for improved performance
  • make parsing of IAM::Role properties more resilient
  • minor refactoring around Kinesis handler and x-amzn-errortype response header
  • minor: update Helm repo URL in README from HTTP to HTTPS
  • minor refactoring of Dockerfile and API Gateway tests

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix minor formatting issue in profiler log
  • fix S3 bucket notification FilterRule name validation
  • fix deprecation warnings in unit tests
  • fix timezone issues in timestamp calculation and datetime comparisons
  • fix response for Lambda configuration update API
  • fix passing payload via stdin for large Lambda events using docker-reuse
  • fix duplicate Content-Type header in Lambda invocation responses
  • fix API GW JSONPatch operations and error responses
  • fix start_edge to gracefully fail when stdin for sudo is not available
  • fix continuation sequence number in event returned by SubscribeToShard Kinesis API
  • fix symlink to aws CLI executable in Dockerfile
  • fix datetime format for Lambda put-function-event-invoke-config response
  • fix skipping S3 signature validation if S3_SKIP_SIGNATURE_VALIDATION is enabled
  • fix stripping off qualifier suffix when constructing ARN for Lambda lookup
  • fix returning error response for attempting to delete non-existing S3 bucket
  • minor fix in extraction of Lambda results from log output lines
  • minor fix for Kinesis max stream retention period
  • minor fix when extracting URI for API GW integrations
  • minor CF fix to extract PhysicalResourceId via get_physical_resource_id()

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