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LocalStack release 0.12.12

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21 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.12

1. New Features

  • add initial support for Resource Groups API
  • add support for managing request payers on S3 buckets
  • save SES email contents to disk in machine-readable format
  • add support for LAMBDA_DOCKER_FLAGS to support custom Lambda Docker run flags
  • add S3_SKIP_SIGNATURE_VALIDATION config to skip S3 presign URL signature validation
  • add DEVELOP configuration for debugpy integration
  • add support for servicediscovery endpoints in API GW invocations
  • add Lambda Ruby 2.7 image support and update tests
  • add support for DynamoDB table replicas
  • add support for Route53 reusable-delegation-set APIs

2. Enhancements

  • enhance validation of presigned URLs to support different port numbers in S3 URLs
  • add XRay trace headers in notifications from S3 to SQS
  • support ElasticsearchClusterConfig parameter for creation of ES clusters
  • add support for KinesisStreamSpecification parameter for AWS::DynamoDB::Table CF resource
  • add patch for stepfunctions-local to enable cross-region Lambda access
  • add test for creating bucket with existing bucket name
  • add support for session_token in S3 presign URLs
  • remove obsolete DynamoDBLocal fix for Alpine
  • add EventsBackend to manage state of Events API resources
  • add UnsubscribeURL in payload sent to HTTP SQS endpoints
  • add docs for Kafka and Elasticsearch external services integration
  • temporarily set S3_SKIP_SIGNATURE_VALIDATION=1 by default (until all issues with S3 presign URLs are resolved)
  • add CF support for ApiGateway::RequestValidator, Logs::SubscriptionFilter, Redshift::Cluster
  • add region backend for DynamoDB state
  • add support for arn:aws-us-gov:iam:... managed IAM policies
  • update version in sample docker-compose.yml
  • add test case for generating S3 presign URL from Node.js Lambda
  • add simple TCP proxy server util
  • add "running" property to FuncThread
  • refactor logic for sending SQS messages to DLQ
  • cache target API in edge requests for improved performance
  • skip gzip encoding for S3 responses to fix content-length issue with Go SDK
  • rename currentThread to current_thread for deprecation in Python 3.10
  • add missing endpoints for StepFunctions startup command
  • minor: add utility function to clean up Docker containers
  • minor refactoring in API Gateway implementation
  • minor enhancements in base image to optimize disk space
  • minor refactoring for EC2::VPCGatewayAttachment CF model
  • minor: add simple items_equivalent() util function
  • minor refactoring of docker-reuse Lambda executor for better extensibility
  • minor: allow passing keyword args to async_utils.run_sync(..)
  • minor: initialize Properties for CF resource instances

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix missing SQS message attributes for notifications via SNS
  • fix using configured edge port in S3 presign URL calculation
  • fix EC2::Route CF model to properly lookup deployment state if DestinationIpv6CidrBlock not set
  • fix fetching CF resource state for EC2::Route and Logs::LogGroup
  • fix broken SNS test related to UnsubscribeURL returned on subscription attributes
  • fix edge route mapping for SES requests using /email route
  • fix syntax in for compatibility with python 2.x
  • fix incorrect suffixes in SecretManager ARNs for secret lookups
  • fix Python sys path for module resolution when using local Lambda executor
  • fix integration test assertions to accommodate recent CloudWatch metrics changes
  • fix idempotence for SNS CreatePlatformEndpoint API calls
  • fix correct error code for getting attributes of non-existing SNS subscription
  • fix correct Authn header for internal call when replaying non HMAC request
  • fix filtering of CloudWatch metrics and dimensions
  • fix URL escaping when calculating presigned URLs to accommodate recent Quart server update
  • fix double response headers in CORS preflight API Gateway requests
  • fix resetting ETags when copying S3 object from multipart upload
  • fix accessing raw response when returning gzip encoded content from Lambdas via API GW
  • fix copying missing events file into container for Java Lambdas with docker-reuse
  • fix Kinesis response payload encoding for use with Java SDK
  • minor fix in ACM to avoid returning duplicate DomainValidationOptions

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