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LocalStack release 0.12.11

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21 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.11

1. New Features

  • add support for ResourceGroupsTaggingAPI
  • add support for Kinesis targets in EventBridge
  • add PERSISTENCE_SINGLE_FILE configuration
  • add HOSTNAME_FROM_LAMBDA configuration to enable connectivity in compose stacks with dynamic container names
  • add filtering in EventBus using event patterns: prefix,numeric,anything-but
  • add throttling support for DynamoDB BatchWriteItem requests

2. Enhancements

  • add dynamic DNS check to fix issues with resolving
  • refactor CF model and fix deletion method for Lambda::Function
  • add missing $context variable for VLT templates
  • add requestTemplates attr for ApiGateway::Method
  • add domainName and apiId to Lambda events for API Gateway invocations
  • remove default cache-control header in S3 responses
  • handle x-id query parameter for S3 DeleteObjects requests
  • remove obsolete USE_HTTP2_SERVER and HOSTNAME configuration variables
  • add missing resourcePath to API GW Lambda events to fix Chalice invocations
  • strip quotes off StreamARNs when creating Kinesis stream consumers
  • enhance CloudFormation support for API GW Model resources
  • minor: refactor Lambda impl. for better extensibility
  • minor refactoring in tests and AWS response utils

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix missing PATCH method in API GW CORS configuration
  • fix Event::Rule CF model to properly deploy rule with custom event bus
  • fix fetching Lambda details using ARN as well as partial ARN
  • fix bug in handler for DynamoDB BatchWriteItem API
  • fix S3 presigned URLs with response header overrides
  • fix object tagging for S3 multipart uploads
  • fix API Gateway invocation paths in Lambda events
  • fix returning Arn attribute for Logs::LogGroup CF resource
  • fix idempotency for creation of SNS topics with tags
  • fix DynamoDB to return empty response on no unprocessed items
  • minor fix for accessing non-existing attribute in ACM models

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