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LocalStack release 0.12.10

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23 months ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.10

1. New Features

  • add initial support for CloudFormation stack sets and stack instances
  • initial support for AWS Support API
  • add support for iterator types on Kinesis SubscribeToShard requests
  • support Kinesis streaming destinations for DynamoDB
  • initial support for put_metric_filter for CloudWatch log events
  • add support for HttpEndpoint destinations in Firehose API
  • add health check status for init scripts and persistence initialization

2. Enhancements

  • replace AWS CLI commands with boto3 calls for /graph endpoint
  • remove obsolete code for S3 bucket encryptions
  • add CloudFormation support for EC2::NatGateway, KMS::Key, KMS::Alias, SecretsManager resources
  • return PhysicalResourceId for S3::BucketPolicy CloudFormation model
  • add edge mapping for EC2 requests with missing Auth headers
  • remove deprecated USE_MOTO_CF config switch
  • resolve refs in ExportName of CF stacks
  • add missing attributes in Kinesis SubscribeToShard response
  • minor refactoring and adding missing path in Dockerfile
  • cache cfn-response module in local infra folder instead of re-downloading each time
  • support JSON message structure with raw delivery in SNS
  • add CloudFormation support for additional EC2 resources
  • refactor logic for CF stack set instances
  • add support for getting SSM parameters by path and filtering by labels
  • remove "content-encoding: identity" header in S3 responses to fix compatibility with PHP/Guzzle 6
  • add SNS XRay propagation to SQS using ElasticMQ
  • add Circle-CI project setup and build badge
  • move CI build commands into Makefile for easier migration
  • refactor utils for resource tagging
  • refactor logic for proxy listener, fix edge forward headers
  • update S3 regex to support HOSTNAME_EXTERNAL in bucket hostnames
  • add missing aws_request_id and context attributes for Python Lambdas with local executor
  • add support for SES GetIdentityVerificationAttributes
  • add LS_LOG=trace option to print detailed request/response messages
  • add CloudFormation support for EC2::VPC, EC2::RouteTable, EC2::Route
  • add Location response header on S3 bucket creation
  • minor refactorings for "config validate" command

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix API Gateway integration to allow binary payload data
  • fix reprocessing of SQS messages in case multiple Lambda event source mappings are defined
  • fix API GW integrations with no uri/integrationUri attribute (for mock integrations)
  • fix StreamViewType in DynamoDB Streams event records
  • fix stack status filter in CloudFormation API
  • fix CF dependency resolution to avoid unresolved/nil resource refs
  • fix Events API logic for recent upstream changes
  • fix API Gateway when applying JSON patch with empty patch value
  • fix passing region when constructing resource graph
  • fix CloudFormation GetAtt intrinsic function for attr string refs
  • fix proper stream view type of DynamoDB stream records
  • fix error logs on subscribe_to_shard for deleted Kinesis streams
  • fix build script to detect git:// repo URLs
  • fix compatibility of S3 API with Cyberduck
  • fix local URLs for nested CFN stacks
  • fix Kinesis DescribeStreamConsumer to return consumer correctly
  • fix content-type for requests forwarded to Lambda fallback URL
  • fix returning None value on TransactWrite DynamoDB operation
  • fix incorrect URL modification when sending S3 requests to backend
  • fix encoding and timestamp format for Kinesis SubscribeToShard from Java SDK
  • fix returning code 200 for S3 HEAD range requests
  • fix S3 notifications for URLs with "x-id" query parameters
  • minor fix for missing Lambda attributes on legacy persistence states
  • minor fix in util function for parsing URL-encoded request payloads
  • minor fix for is_port_open(..) util function to parse port parameters
  • minor fix for extracting region from auth headers

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