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LocalStack release 0.12.0

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2 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.12.0

1. New Features

  • single edge port now stable for all APIs
  • add CBOR encoding support for Kinesis API
  • disable custom Java Lambda executor and replace with default lambci mechanism

2. Enhancements

  • publish SNS messages asynchronously
  • create env INIT_SCRIPTS_PATH to specify path for init files in Docker
  • extract InputPath expression for notification messages to EventBus targets
  • add signature and expiry validation for S3 presigned URLs
  • add simple integration test for Terraform resources
  • add CloudWatch as a static dependency for Lambda API
  • add more fine-grained DynamoDB error injection with read/write error probabilities
  • raise error when attempting to update CF stack with unmodified template
  • minor refactoring of /graph endpoint

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix edge route mapping for S3 HEAD requests
  • fix invalid account ID in CloudWatch logs listener ARNs
  • minor fix of XML root tag for S3 error responses
  • fix issue with blocking sockets in HTTP2 server
  • fix numeric timestamp format in Kinesis records required by Go SDK
  • fix missing attributes when adding IAM permission to Lambda function
  • fix case sensitivity for bucket names in S3 bucket notifications
  • fix debug port parser for Java Lambda executor to support different formats

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