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LocalStack release 0.11.5

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2 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.11.5

0. !! Breaking Changes !!

  • Starting with releases after v0.11.5 (i.e., latest and all future release tags), all services are now exposed via the edge service (port 4566) only! Please update your client configurations to use this new endpoint.

1. New Features

  • add support for importing REST APIs from Swagger docs in API Gateway
  • add config variable to customize the main Docker container name
  • add missing attributes in Lambda events triggered from Kinesis
  • concatenate Firehose batch records and combine them into single S3 objects
  • return 304 if If-None-Match header is specified and S3 object ETag has not changed

2. Enhancements

  • refactor util functions for AWS responses
  • update Lambda environment variables on CF stack update
  • allow setting MAX_POOL_CONNECTIONS via environment variable
  • refactor logic to forward requests to S3_BACKEND
  • read name of main Docker container dynamically based on hostname
  • support gzipped S3 responses when requested via Accept-Encoding header
  • refactor CloudFormation deployments for API Gateway
  • use random available port for Lambda container server in Docker "host" network mode
  • add DynamoDB error handling for query type ALL_ATTRIBUTES and projection type != ALL
  • use paginator for DynamoDB list tables
  • add adaptive, unbounded thread pool to avoid deadlocks on concurrent requests
  • adjust timestamp format for JSON-safe object conversion
  • cut out None from Delimiter tag in S3 responses
  • use a mock client to prevent moto Lambda objects from talking to Docker
  • add default values for DDB ProvisionedThroughput in CF
  • add test to trigger Java Lambda from SNS event source
  • add test for DynamoDB stream triggering Lambda event source
  • add test to assert exception for DDB query on non-existing table

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix Lambda event to match SNS message ID
  • fix default region in edge service to avoid region mismatches
  • fix EC2 creationTimestamp format
  • fix edge route for /graph endpoint
  • fix URL encoding of S3 object key names in SQS notification messages
  • fix edge route for S3 bucket HEAD requests
  • add several retries to make integration tests more resilient
  • fix posting to SQS on queue URL with trailing slash
  • fix CF/Serverless deployment for ApiGw APIs with missing root resource
  • fix JSON serialization of event details on eventBridge put_events
  • fix edge mapping for S3 PutObject requests
  • fix CF deploy for API GW RestApi resource
  • fix Lambda event from API Gateway to send HTTP method it was called with
  • fix mismatch of crc32 hashes for patched SQS responses
  • fix S3 compression for non-bytes string response body
  • fix CF deployment of API Gateway integration and integration URI with empty path

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