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LocalStack release 0.11.4

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2 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.11.4

1. New Features

  • add initial support for ACM API
  • support custom Lambda integration in API GW
  • add config option for DynamoDB Java heap size
  • add support for DynamoDB Global Tables
  • add basic string functions in VLT templates

2. Enhancements

  • build and push localstack-full image in CI, make light image the default
  • support "sms" as SNS subscriber protocol
  • support platform endpoints in SNS
  • support client context passed to Node.js Lambda handler
  • increase max threads in thread pool to improve concurrency
  • enhance implementation and tests for API GW HTTP/HTTP_PROXY support
  • support CF deletion of Lambda functions and IAM roles with inline policies
  • add dummy AWS credentials to Lambda Docker containers
  • add test for VPN Gateway attachment.vpc-id filter
  • properly convert between Kinesis stream names and ARNs
  • add support for pathPrefix in IAM list_users
  • enhance command line ports parsing
  • enhance CF support for ApiGateway::RestApi
  • add option to use default Lambda endpoint for StepFunctions
  • add tests to tag/untag SQS queues
  • add tests for SQS FIFO queue with group/deduplication ID on multiple messages
  • add test for SQS DLQ when maxReceiveCount is reached
  • add missing region to EC2 getAccepterVpcInfo response
  • make DDB stream creation asynchronous
  • extend Java Lambda classpath
  • add test to trigger multiple SNS subscriptions in the presence of handler errors
  • replace ${filename} variable references in S3 presigned responses
  • increase Quart server max content length
  • add SQS as target in EventBridge

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix HOSTNAME_EXTERNAL extraction to determine path-style addressing in S3
  • fix RedrivePolicy for new SQS backend
  • fix triple logs in debug mode
  • fix format of Kinesis stream ARNs in CF
  • fix DynamoDB TransactWriteItems with ConditionCheck
  • fix DynamoDB stream MODIFY/INSERT event on UpdateItem for new item
  • fix DynamoDbStreams get-shardId-iterator with AT_SEQUENCE_NUMBER
  • fix proxy CORS headers
  • add retries to fix intermittent SSL cert generation errors
  • fix generation of random password in SSM
  • fix API key checks for API GW paths with path params
  • fix content-type in presigned S3 URLs
  • fix SSL context creation error for multiple threads
  • fix invocation of destination Lambda for Logs subscription filters
  • return raw response in edge proxy to fix gzip encoded S3 content
  • fix adding multiple permissions to single Lambda function
  • return table name for DynamoDB table Ref in CF
  • fix Docker port mapping for PORT_WEB_UI
  • fix HTML escaping of SQS message attributes
  • fix shardId format for DDB Streams
  • fix S3 Content-MD5 base64 checks

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