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LocalStack release 0.11.3

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2 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.11.3

1. New Features

  • switch to Quart Server for initial version of HTTP/2 support for API endpoints
  • add support for IAM SimulatePrincipalPolicy
  • add persistence support for SNS
  • add API Key validation in API GW
  • support expiry in S3 multipart POST
  • support Elasticsearch snapshot repo
  • support StepFunctions targets in scheduled event rules
  • move /health check endpoint to edge port
  • use moto instead of ElasticMQ as default backend for SQS

2. Enhancements

  • add thread synchronization to Lambda config initialization
  • point Lambda LOCALSTACK_HOSTNAME to main container directly
  • add CORS headers to all OPTIONS responses by default
  • upgrade DynamoDB to latest backend version
  • encode account ID in SQS queue URLs
  • add handling of query parameters in SNS requests
  • determine proper external port in SQS URLs
  • add missing Record values to Kinesis stream listener response
  • support CF condition based on AccountId
  • delete event source mappings on deletion of DynamoDB table
  • return proper response details on Lambda invocation error
  • store SSL certs to random tmp files in case of permission issues
  • enhance path matching for API Gateway invocations
  • pass HTTP_PROXY to Lambda if configured
  • skip Lambda invocation if event source mapping is in state Disabled
  • cleanup asyncio thread pool on shutdown
  • make sync/async Lambda event sources configurable
  • add Firehose support for EventBridge targets
  • pass multivalue headers from API GW to Lambda
  • filter out Lambdas by region in ListFunctions
  • remove Python 2 tests in CI
  • add EventBridge schedule expression for HTTP subscribers
  • add UnsubscribeURL to SNS notification message

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix binary MessageAttribute for SNS->SQS
  • fix CF deploy issue with SNS resources, IAM role policy document
  • fix direct access to queue URLs with new SQS backend
  • fix handling of S3 multipart form upload via edge port
  • fix API GW response on DELETE Lambda integration
  • fix Terraform deletion of EC2 NAT Gateways
  • fix Windows host path for Lambda volume mounting
  • fix error responses for S3 Content-MD5 header
  • fix S3 bucket creation date for Java SDK v2
  • fix handling of S3 LocationConstraint on bucket creation
  • fix DynamoDB DeleteEventSourceMappings in case tableARN is None
  • fix format of S3 InvalidRange error response
  • fix edge mapping for CloudWatch, S3 HEAD requests, SQS requests
  • fix DynamoDB shard IDs
  • fix lower case for SQS->Lambda message attributes
  • fix S3 CORS policy with single origin
  • fix S3 storage class on multipart upload
  • fix S3 timestamp format
  • fix chunked encoding in S3 responses
  • fix passed parameters on API Gateway proxy resource method call
  • fix JSON safe dumping of bytes in API Gateway

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