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LocalStack release 0.11.1

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2 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.11.1

1. New Features

  • add support for Lambdas triggered by scheduled event rules
  • lazily install and allow selection of specific Elasticsearch versions
  • add ability to return multi valued headers from Lambda - API GW integration
  • support S3 expiry for pre-signed URLs and objects
  • add persistence for SSM and SecretsManager, introduce PersistingProxyListener
  • create stripped-down light version of Docker image with lazy loading of ES libs (reduces image size by 33%)

2. Enhancements

  • add CF support to update instances of IAM::Role
  • add support for tags on IAM CreateUser calls
  • implement Events put_events with SQS and Lambda targets
  • delete notification configurations on S3 bucket deletion
  • add metadata headers in S3 GET responses
  • add missing S3 response headers for bytes ranges and request IDs
  • add util class to fix account IDs in STS listener
  • support "exists" operator for SNS filter policy
  • print version number when starting up
  • update startup log messages with new edge port
  • add test cases for STS get_federation_token
  • add CF test for empty event rules names
  • support deletion of SFN state machines via CloudFormation
  • support custom Lambda endpoint for StepFunctions
  • add simple integration test for Serverless deployment
  • check BatchSize in Lambda event source mappings
  • add CFN support for Events::Rule, S3::BucketPolicy, Logs::LogGroup, and ElasticSearch/SecretsManager/KinesisFirehose resources
  • put util jars at end of classpath for local Java Lambdas
  • skip persistence replay if an API is disabled
  • optimize image size, add documentation for USE_LIGHT_IMAGE
  • add checks for HOST_TMP_FOLDER when running in Docker

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix CF deployment for EventPattern attribute in Events::Rule
  • fix default RoleName in CF dependent IAM roles
  • fix edge request forwarding for public S3 URLs
  • fix IAM detach_role_policy and add missing managed policies
  • fix tagging support for ES domains
  • fix response content for IAM error messages
  • fix requesting SSM params with leading slashes
  • fix resolving CloudFormation refs when updating resource IDs
  • fix data type conversions in SNS->SQS message attributes
  • fix API Gateway put_integration to avoid responseTemplates containing null values
  • fix Docker port mapping conflicts by avoiding overlaps
  • fix skipping None data when stripping chunk signatures in S3 requests
  • fix DynamoDB behavior for ReturnValues on PutItem
  • fix case sensitivity for Connection keep-alive header

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