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LocalStack release 0.10.8

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3 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.10.8

1. New Features

  • add CF support for S3::BucketPolicy
  • add basic /health check endpoint
  • add API to confirm SNS subscriptions
  • add persistence for Elasticsearch Service API calls
  • add support for Java11 Lambda runtime
  • add ignoreDockerRunErrors JUnit Docker attribute

2. Enhancements

  • make Lambda batch size configurable for Kinesis event source mappings
  • move Java sources into separate project
  • refactor CF dependency resolution loop
  • optimize plugin loading to speed up boot time
  • configure Node.js Lambdas to skip SSL verification by default
  • apply LAMBDA_REMOVE_CONTAINERS config for docker-reuse Lambda executor
  • update exports on CF stack update
  • allow deleting a specific version of an object in S3
  • return SQS maxReceiveCount as integer
  • return ConsumedCapacity for DynamoDB Query action
  • support static refs in CloudFormation Fn::Sub strings
  • support ExtendedS3DestinationConfiguration in Firehose streams
  • expose Java options for local Lambda executors
  • mark non-Docker Java LocalstackExtension as deprecated
  • prefix CloudWatch event file names with timestamps
  • refactor resolution of CF resource name placeholders
  • add ExportName to CloudFormation stack outputs
  • update ElasticMQ version, fix SQS tags API
  • refactor logic and use single file for persistence
  • resolve CloudFormation attributes starting with lower case
  • adjust urllib3 pool size to allow more parallel HTTP requests
  • add test for S3 range header
  • make Lambdas triggered by SQS run asynchronously
  • include latest Lambda regions from boto3
  • pull non-existing Docker image from JUnit runner

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix deployment of EC2 subnets with CidrIpv6
  • fix creation of SQS tags via CloudFormation
  • fix notifications for S3 uploads made with presigned POST requests
  • fix objectsize in S3 notification events
  • fix SNS subscription confirmation message to include signature details
  • fix returned attributes on ReturnValues=ALL_OLD for DynamoDB PutItem
  • fix CreationTime for CF stacks
  • fix handler lookup for "provided" Lambda runtime
  • fix CloudWatch log streams lambda timestamp format
  • fix RawMessageDelivery subscription values for SNS-SQS integration
  • fix setting of empty SQS queue attribute values
  • fix CloudFormation support for IAM::Role
  • fix SNS tag listing to remove duplicate tags
  • fix regex for replacement of S3 ETag hashes
  • fix region for SQS queue ARNs in Lambda event source mappings
  • fix nextToken for CW Logs API
  • fix CreationDate format for S3 ListBuckets
  • fix forward URL protocol for S3 proxy
  • fix S3 uploads with underscores in metadata
  • fix detection of absolute URLs in proxy paths
  • remove None strings from SNS results

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