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LocalStack release 0.10.6

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3 years ago

Change Log:

LocalStack release 0.10.6

1. New Features

  • add kinesis/ListStreams API Gateway integration
  • add initial support for Kinesis stream consumers
  • add initial support for KMS via local-kms
  • add CloudFormation support for deployment of SAM resources

2. Enhancements

  • add UUIDs to CW events
  • update SSL certificate to new requirements in MacOS Catalina
  • add test for CW logs multi-byte message
  • enhance proxy to transparently accept both HTTP/HTTPS on the same port
  • support TemplateURL for CF ValidateTemplate
  • support Marker for S3 ListObjects
  • bump moto to latest version
  • allow trailing slashes in Elasticsearch API
  • refactor Java libs, make Docker the default JUnit executor
  • update ElasticMQ version
  • support JARs in lib/ folder for Java lambdas
  • disable SSL verification for CF template URLs
  • add S3 website ErrorDocument emulation
  • add locking for SSL cert creation

3. Bug Fixes

  • fix Docker port mapping for JUnit test runner
  • fix S3 bucket name validation, auto-convert uppercase characters in bucket names
  • fix CF deployment of step functions
  • fix DOCKER_HOST_FROM_CONTAINER config for local exec
  • fix object ACLs for multipart uploads
  • fix MD5 hash of message attributes on SQS->Lambda integration
  • fix SNS FilterPolicy configuration
  • fix LocationConstraint markup in S3 responses
  • fix success_action_status for S3 POST Object
  • fix return type of Lambda GetPolicy
  • fix API Gateway authorizer implementation
  • fix permission issue for cert files
  • fix non-JSON content types for API Gateway
  • fix DynamoDB error for Put on non-existing table
  • fix notification triggers on S3 presigned URL upload
  • fix passing of metadata on S3 presigned URL put
  • fix Terraform deployment for Lambdas
  • fix stack name in CloudFormation resource names
  • fix S3 bucket name checks for domain based addressing

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