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LocalStack release 0.10.5

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3 years ago

Change Log:

Various CloudFormation fixes: deployment of API GW method integrations, properly skip resource updates, Lambda SQS event source mapping, avoid duplicate resource creation, support for ApiGateway::GatewayResponse and Events::Rule, log groups for Lambdas; support adding Lambda policies; customize Docker registry for Lambda images; support multiple configurations in S3 notifications; fix encoding of non-ASCII results from API Gateway; allow docker-reuse to use mounted volumes; support presigned S3 URL upload notifications; fix lookup of Python Lambda handler in sub directories; upgrade kinesalite; fix duplicate CORS headers; fix mapping of Lambda versions and ARNs; fix SNS x-amz-sns-message-type header; send SNS confirmation message for HTTP(S) subscriptions; fix DynamoDB local libs for Docker Alpine; add CF support for SNS subscriptions; fix RecordId for firehose put-record-batch; fix SQS messages with multi-byte characters; avoid creating multiple SNS subscriptions; add .bat script and support running under Windows; fix S3 location constraint for CF

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