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LocalStack release 0.10.3

latest releases: 1.3.2.dev20230104092258, 1.3.2.dev20221219124041, 1.3.1...
3 years ago

Change Log:

Allow specifying data types for CF attributes; add API for service status and starting services at runtime; support NextShardIterator in DDB streams; add mock responses for S3 encryption and replication; fix rendering of resources in web UI; custom SQS queue attributes; fix Lambda docker command and imports; fix SQS queue physical ID in CF; allow proxy listener to define custom backend per request; support Lambda event body over stdin; exclude ingest-geoip ES module to optimize image size; skip checking MD5 on S3 copy; fix DynamoDB table ARN for CF; fix CF deployment of StepFunction activities; fix uploading of Java Lambda as JAR in ZIP; fix installing libs for plugins; added LAMBDA_JAVA_OPTS for Java Lambda debugging; bump Maven dependency versions; refactor Lambda API; fix boolean strings in CF templates; allow overriding AWS account id with TEST_AWS_ACCOUNT_ID; fix incorrect region for API GW resources created via CF; fix permissions for cache files in /tmp

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