pypi kiss-headers 2.0.0

Changes : PR #11

  • Bugfix : Prevent add a semicolon if this is the first entry when doing header+="preload" # "; preload".
  • Feature : Implement the possibility to invoke '+' and '-' operator on Header and string.
  • Feature : Introducing the builder. 40+ ready-to-use classes fully documented to create on-the-fly headers.
  • Improvement : The structure of the package has been changed.
  • Feature : Support email.Message object in the parse_it() function.
  • Feature : Support for parsing urllib3.HTTPResponse in parse_it()
  • Minor : Add Alt_Svc header hint on Headers class for autocompletion in IDEs.
  • Feature/Improvement : Introduce the capability of detecting multiple entries in content for a single header.
  • Bugfix : Header names were not kept in order when using keys() method of Headers object.
  • Bugfix : Cmp header to another header object is now expected to behave correctly.
  • Feature : Introduce explain() function that take an Headers object and output a dict containing explanation, if available, of each entry.
  • Bugfix : eq method of Headers and Header classes should raise the proper exception now. NotImplementedError instead of NotImplemented eg. not callable.
  • Bugfix : Properly unquote member(s) of an Header object.

Docs are on their way 👍

latest releases: 2.3.0, 2.2.4, 2.2.3...
18 months ago