pypi kiss-headers 1.1.1

Changes : from PR #10

  • Feature : You can parse Response from encode/httpx package. Just use parse_it() method.
  • Feature : Possibility to generate a JSON-string from a Headers object using to_json() method.
  • Feature : Embed the capability to cast any header and Headers to bytes.
  • Improvement : We've successfully passed mypy type-lint check.
  • Feature : Allow to lock type output to List of Header instead of second guessing if List or a Header using lock_output_type() method from kiss-headers package init.
  • Bugfix : Automatically cast object to str if trying to assign to Header anything else than str.

Thank to @kewbish for grammar changes to docs in PR #9

latest releases: 2.3.0, 2.2.4, 2.2.3...
18 months ago