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Keras 2.2.1

latest releases: 2.11.0, 2.11.0rc3, 2.11.0rc2...
4 years ago

Areas of improvement

  • Bugs fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Documentation improvements

API changes

  • Add output_padding argument in Conv2DTranspose (to override default padding behavior).
  • Enable automatic shape inference when using Lambda layers with the CNTK backend.

Breaking changes

No breaking changes recorded.


Thanks to our 33 contributors whose commits are featured in this release:

@Ajk4, @Anner-deJong, @Atcold, @Dref360, @EyeBool, @ageron, @briannemsick, @cclauss, @davidtvs, @dstine, @eTomate, @ebatuhankaynak, @eliberis, @farizrahman4u, @fchollet, @fuzzythecat, @gabrieldemarmiesse, @jlopezpena, @kamil-kaczmarek, @kbattocchi, @kmader, @kvechera, @maxpumperla, @mkaze, @pavithrasv, @rvinas, @sachinruk, @seriousmac, @soumyac1999, @taehoonlee, @yanboliang, @yongzx, @yuyang-huang

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