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Keras 2.1.6

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4 years ago

Areas of improvement

  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation improvements
  • Minor usability improvements

API changes

  • In callback ReduceLROnPlateau, rename epsilon argument to min_delta (backwards-compatible).
  • In callback RemoteMonitor, add argument send_as_json.
  • In backend softmax function, add argument axis.
  • In Flatten layer, add argument data_format.
  • In save_model ( and load_model functions, allow the filepath argument to be a h5py.File object.
  • In Model.evaluate_generator, add verbose argument.
  • In Bidirectional wrapper layer, add constants argument.
  • In multi_gpu_model function, add arguments cpu_merge and cpu_relocation (controlling whether to force the template model's weights to be on CPU, and whether to operate merge operations on CPU or GPU).
  • In ImageDataGenerator, allow argument width_shift_range to be int or 1D array-like.

Breaking changes

This release does not include any known breaking changes.


Thanks to our 37 contributors whose commits are featured in this release:

@Dref360, @FirefoxMetzger, @Naereen, @NiharG15, @StefanoCappellini, @WindQAQ, @dmadeka, @edrogers, @eltronix, @farizrahman4u, @fchollet, @gabrieldemarmiesse, @ghostplant, @jedrekfulara, @jlherren, @joeyearsley, @johanahlqvist, @johnyf, @jsaporta, @kalkun, @lucasdavid, @masstomato, @mrlzla, @myutwo150, @nisargjhaveri, @obi1kenobi, @olegantonyan, @ozabluda, @pasky, @Planck35, @sotlampr, @souptc, @srjoglekar246, @stamate, @taehoonlee, @vkk800, @xuhdev

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