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Keras 2.1.5

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4 years ago

Areas of improvement

  • Bug fixes.
  • New APIs: sequence generation API TimeseriesGenerator, and new layer DepthwiseConv2D.
  • Unit tests / CI improvements.
  • Documentation improvements.

API changes

  • Add new sequence generation API keras.preprocessing.sequence.TimeseriesGenerator.
  • Add new convolutional layer keras.layers.DepthwiseConv2D.
  • Allow weights from keras.layers.CuDNNLSTM to be loaded into a keras.layers.LSTM layer (e.g. for inference on CPU).
  • Add brightness_range data augmentation argument in keras.preprocessing.image.ImageDataGenerator.
  • Add validation_split API in keras.preprocessing.image.ImageDataGenerator. You can pass validation_split to the constructor (float), then select between training/validation subsets by passing the argument subset='validation' or subset='training' to methods flow and flow_from_directory.

Breaking changes

  • As a side effect of a refactor of ConvLSTM2D to a modular implementation, recurrent dropout support in Theano has been dropped for this layer.


Thanks to our 28 contributors whose commits are featured in this release:

@DomHudson, @Dref360, @VitamintK, @abrad1212, @ahundt, @bojone, @brainnoise, @bzamecnik, @caisq, @cbensimon, @davinnovation, @farizrahman4u, @fchollet, @gabrieldemarmiesse, @khosravipasha, @ksindi, @lenjoy, @masstomato, @mewwts, @ozabluda, @paulpister, @sandpiturtle, @saralajew, @srjoglekar246, @stefangeneralao, @taehoonlee, @tiangolo, @treszkai

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