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Keras 2.1.4

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4 years ago

Areas of improvement

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Improvements to example scripts

API changes

  • Allow for stateful metrics in model.compile(..., metrics=[...]). A stateful metric inherits from Layer, and implements __call__ and reset_states.
  • Support constants argument in StackedRNNCells.
  • Enable some TensorBoard features in the TensorBoard callback (loss and metrics plotting) with non-TensorFlow backends.
  • Add reshape argument in model.load_weights(), to optionally reshape weights being loaded to the size of the target weights in the model considered.
  • Add tif to supported formats in ImageDataGenerator.
  • Allow auto-GPU selection in multi_gpu_model() (set gpus=None).
  • In LearningRateScheduler callback, the scheduling function now takes an argument: lr, the current learning rate.

Breaking changes

  • In ImageDataGenerator, change default interpolation of image transforms from nearest to bilinear. This should probably not break any users, but it is a change of behavior.


Thanks to our 37 contributors whose commits are featured in this release:

@DalilaSal, @Dref360, @galaxydream, @GarrisonJ, @Max-Pol, @May4m, @MiliasV, @MrMYHuang, @N-McA, @Vijayabhaskar96, @abrad1212, @ahundt, @angeloskath, @bbabenko, @bojone, @brainnoise, @bzamecnik, @caisq, @cclauss, @dsadulla, @fchollet, @gabrieldemarmiesse, @ghostplant, @gorogoroyasu, @icyblade, @kapsl, @kevinbache, @mendesmiguel, @mikesol, @myutwo150, @ozabluda, @sadreamer, @simra, @taehoonlee, @veniversum, @yongtang, @zhangwj618

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