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Keras 2.1.3

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4 years ago

Areas of improvement

  • Performance improvements (esp. convnets with TensorFlow backend).
  • Usability improvements.
  • Docs & docstrings improvements.
  • New models in the applications module.
  • Bug fixes.

API changes

  • trainable attribute in BatchNormalization now disables the updates of the batch statistics (i.e. if trainable == False the layer will now run 100% in inference mode).
  • Add amsgrad argument in Adam optimizer.
  • Add new applications: NASNetMobile, NASNetLarge, DenseNet121, DenseNet169, DenseNet201.
  • Add Softmax layer (removing need to use a Lambda layer in order to specify the axis argument).
  • Add SeparableConv1D layer.
  • In preprocessing.image.ImageDataGenerator, allow width_shift_range and height_shift_range to take integer values (absolute number of pixels)
  • Support return_state in Bidirectional applied to RNNs (return_state should be set on the child layer).
  • The string values "crossentropy" and "ce" are now allowed in the metrics argument (in model.compile()), and are routed to either categorical_crossentropy or binary_crossentropy as needed.
  • Allow steps argument in predict_* methods on the Sequential model.
  • Add oov_token argument in preprocessing.text.Tokenizer.

Breaking changes

  • In preprocessing.image.ImageDataGenerator, shear_range has been switched to use degrees rather than radians (for consistency). This should not actually break anything (neither training nor inference), but keep this change in mind in case you see any issues with regard to your image data augmentation process.


Thanks to our 45 contributors whose commits are featured in this release:

@Dref360, @OliPhilip, @TimZaman, @bbabenko, @bdwyer2, @berkatmaca, @caisq, @decrispell, @dmaniry, @fchollet, @fgaim, @gabrieldemarmiesse, @gklambauer, @hgaiser, @hlnull, @icyblade, @jgrnt, @kashif, @kouml, @lutzroeder, @m-mohsen, @mab4058, @manashty, @masstomato, @mihirparadkar, @myutwo150, @nickbabcock, @novotnj3, @obsproth, @ozabluda, @philferriere, @piperchester, @pstjohn, @roatienza, @souptc, @spiros, @srs70187, @sumitgouthaman, @taehoonlee, @tigerneil, @titu1994, @tobycheese, @vitaly-krumins, @yang-zhang, @ziky90

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