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Keras 2.1.2

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5 years ago

Areas of improvement

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • API improvements in Keras applications, generator methods.

API changes

  • Make preprocess_input in all Keras applications compatible with both Numpy arrays and symbolic tensors (previously only supported Numpy arrays).
  • Allow the weights argument in all Keras applications to accept the path to a custom weights file to load (previously only supported the built-in imagenet weights file).
  • steps_per_epoch behavior change in generator training/evaluation methods:
    • If specified, the specified value will be used (previously, in the case of generator of type Sequence, the specified value was overridden by the Sequence length)
    • If unspecified and if the generator passed is a Sequence, we set it to the Sequence length.
  • Allow workers=0 in generator training/evaluation methods (will run the generator in the main process, in a blocking way).
  • Add interpolation argument in ImageDataGenerator.flow_from_directory, allowing a custom interpolation method for image resizing.
  • Allow gpus argument in multi_gpu_model to be a list of specific GPU ids.

Breaking changes

  • The change in steps_per_epoch behavior (described above) may affect some users.


Thanks to our 26 contributors whose commits are featured in this release:

@Alex1729, @alsrgv, @apisarek, @asos-saul, @athundt, @cherryunix, @dansbecker, @datumbox, @de-vri-es, @drauh, @evhub, @fchollet, @heath730, @hgaiser, @icyblade, @jjallaire, @knaveofdiamonds, @lance6716, @luoch, @mjacquem1, @myutwo150, @ozabluda, @raviksharma, @rh314, @yang-zhang, @zach-nervana

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