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Keras 2.1.0

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5 years ago

This is a small release that fixes outstanding bugs that were reported since the previous release.

Areas of improvement

  • Bug fixes (in particular, Keras no longer allocates devices at startup time with the TensorFlow backend. This was causing issues with Horovod.)
  • Documentation and docstring improvements.
  • Better CIFAR10 ResNet example script and improvements to example scripts code style.

API changes

  • Add go_backwards to cuDNN RNNs (enables Bidirectional wrapper on cuDNN RNNs).
  • Add ability to pass fetches to K.Function() with the TensorFlow backend.
  • Add steps_per_epoch and validation_steps arguments in (to sync it with

Breaking changes



Thanks to our 14 contributors whose commits are featured in this release:

@Dref360, @LawnboyMax, @anj-s, @bzamecnik, @datumbox, @diogoff, @farizrahman4u, @fchollet, @frexvahi, @jjallaire, @nsuh, @ozabluda, @roatienza, @yakigac

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