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Keras 2.0.7

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5 years ago

Areas of improvement

  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Better support for training models from data tensors in TensorFlow (e.g. Datasets, TFRecords). Add a related example script.
  • Improve TensorBoard UX with better grouping of ops into name scopes.
  • Improve test coverage.

API changes

  • Add clone_model method, enabling to construct a new model, given an existing model to use as a template. Works even in a TensorFlow graph different from that of the original model.
  • Add target_tensors argument in compile, enabling to use custom tensors or placeholders as model targets.
  • Add steps_per_epoch argument in fit, enabling to train a model from data tensors in a way that is consistent with training from Numpy arrays.
  • Similarly, add steps argument in predict and evaluate.
  • Add Subtract merge layer, and associated layer function subtract.
  • Add weighted_metrics argument in compile to specify metric functions meant to take into account sample_weight or class_weight.
  • Make the stop_gradients backend function consistent across backends.
  • Allow dynamic shapes in repeat_elements backend function.
  • Enable stateful RNNs with CNTK.

Breaking changes

  • The backend methods categorical_crossentropy, sparse_categorical_crossentropy, binary_crossentropy had the order of their positional arguments (y_true, y_pred) inverted. This change does not affect the losses API. This change was done to achieve API consistency between the losses API and the backend API.
  • Move constraint management to be based on variable attributes. Remove the now-unused constraints attribute on layers and models (not expected to affect any user).


Thanks to our 47 contributors whose commits are featured in this release!

@5ke, @alok, @Danielhiversen, @Dref360, @NeilRon, @abnerA, @acburigo, @airalcorn2, @angeloskath, @athundt, @brettkoonce, @cclauss, @denfromufa, @enkait, @erg, @ericwu09, @farizrahman4u, @fchollet, @georgwiese, @ghisvail, @gokceneraslan, @hgaiser, @inexxt, @joeyearsley, @jorgecarleitao, @kennyjacob, @keunwoochoi, @krizp, @lukedeo, @milani, @n17r4m, @nicolewhite, @nigeljyng, @nyghtowl, @nzw0301, @rapatel0, @souptc, @srinivasreddy, @staticfloat, @taehoonlee, @td2014, @titu1994, @tleeuwenburg, @udibr, @waleedka, @wassname, @yashk2810

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