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Keras 2.0.6

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5 years ago

Areas of improvement

  • Improve generator methods (predict_generator, fit_generator, evaluate_generator) and add data enqueuing utilities.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • New features: new Conv3DTranspose layer, new MobileNet application, self-normalizing networks.

API changes

  • Self-normalizing networks: add selu activation function, AlphaDropout layer, lecun_normal initializer.
  • Data enqueuing: add Sequence, SequenceEnqueuer, GeneratorEnqueuer to utils.
  • Generator methods: rename arguments pickle_safe (replaced with use_multiprocessing) and max_q_size (replaced with max_queue_size).
  • Add MobileNet to the applications module.
  • Add Conv3DTranspose layer.
  • Allow custom print functions for model's summary method (argument print_fn).

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