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v0.6.0: fastai support, binary file support, skip LFS files when pushing to the hub

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22 months ago

Disclaimer: This release was initially released with advertised support for #844. It was not released in this release and will be in v0.7.

fastai support

v0.6.0 introduces downstream (download) and upstream (upload) support for the fastai libraries. It supports fastai versions above 2.4.
The integration is detailed in the following blog.

  • Add fastai upstream and downstream capacities for fastai>=2.4 and fastcore>=1.3.27 versions by @omarespejel in #678

Automatic binary file tracking in Repository

Binary files are now rejected by default by the Hub. v0.6.0 introduces automatic binary file tracking through the auto_lfs_track argument of the Repository.git_add method. It also introduces the Repository.auto_track_binary_files method which can be used independently of other methods.

skip_lfs_file is now added to mixins

The parameter skip_lfs_files is now added to the different mixins. This will enable pushing files to the hub without first downloading the files above 10MB. This should drammatically reduce the time needed when updating a modelcard, a configuration file, and others.

  • ✨ add skip_lfs_files to mixins' push_to_hub by @nateraw in #858

Keras support improvement

The support for Keras model is greatly improved through several additions:

  • The save_pretrained_keras method now accepts a list of tags that will automatically be added to the repository.
  • Download statistics are now available on Keras models

Bugfixes and improvements

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