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v0.5.0: Reference documentation, Keras improvements, stabilizing the API

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23 months ago


Version v0.5.0 is the first version which features an API reference. It is still a work in progress with features lacking, some images not rendering, and a documentation reorg coming up, but should already provide significantly simpler access to the huggingface_hub API.

The documentation is visible here.

Model & datasets list improvements

The list_models and list_datasets methods have been improved in several ways.

List private models

These two methods now accept the token keyword to specify your token. Specifying the token will include your private models and datasets in the returned list.

  • Support list_models and list_datasets with token arg by @muellerzr in #638

Modelcard metadata

These two methods now accept the cardData boolean argument. If set to True, the modelcard metadata will also be returned when using these two methods.

  • Include cardData in list_models and list_datasets by @muellerzr in #639

Filtering by carbon emissions

The list_models method now also accepts an emissions_trehsholds parameter to filter by carbon emissions.

Keras improvements

The Keras serialization and upload methods have been worked on to provide better support for models:

  • All parameters are now included in the saved model when using push_to_hub_keras
  • log_dir parameter for TensorBoard logs, which will automatically spawn a TensorBoard instance on the Hub.
  • Automatic model card

Contributing guide

A contributing guide is now available for the huggingface_hub repository. For any and all information related to contributing to the repository, please check it out!

Read more about it here:

Pre-commit hooks

The huggingface_hub GitHub repository has several checks to ensure that the code respects code quality standards. Opt-in pre-commit hooks have been added in order to make it simpler for contributors to leverage them.

Read more about it in the aforementionned CONTRIBUTING guide.

Renaming and transferring repositories

Repositories can now be renamed and transferred programmatically using move_repo.

  • Allow renaming and transferring repos programmatically by @osanseviero in #704

Breaking changes & deprecation

⛔ The following methods have now been removed following a deprecation cycle


The list_repos_objs and the accompanying CLI utility huggingface-cli repo ls-files have been removed.
The same can be done using the model_info and dataset_info methods.

  • Remove deprecated list_repos_objs and huggingface-cli repo ls-files by @julien-c in #702

Python 3.6

Python 3.6 support is now dropped as end of life. Using Python 3.6 and installing huggingface_hub will result in version v0.4.0 being installed.

⚠️ Items below are now deprecated and will be removed in a future version

  • API deprecate positional args in file_download and hf_api by @adrinjalali in #745
  • MNT deprecate name and organization in favor of repo_id by @adrinjalali in #733

What's Changed

New Contributors

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