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v0.13.0: download files to a specific folder, documentation, duplicate spaces, and more

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12 months ago

Download files to a specific folder

It is now possible to download files from the Hub and move them to a specific folder!

Two behaviors are possible: either create symlinks or move the files from the cache. This can be controlled with the local_dir_use_symlinks input parameter. The default -and recommended- value is "auto" which will duplicate small files to ease user experience (no symlinks when editing a file) and create symlinks for big files (save disk usage).

from huggingface_hub import snapshot_download
# or "from huggingface_hub import hf_hub_download"

# Download and cache files + duplicate small files (<5MB) to "my-folder" + add symlinks for big files
snapshot_download(repo_id, local_dir="my-folder")

# Download and cache files + add symlinks in "my-folder"
snapshot_download(repo_id, local_dir="my-folder", local_dir_use_symlinks=True)

# Duplicate files already existing in cache and/or download missing files directly to "my-folder"
snapshot_download(repo_id, local_dir="my-folder", local_dir_use_symlinks=False)


Efforts to improve documentation have continued. The guides overview has been refactored to display which topics are covered (repository, upload, download, search, inference, community tab, cache, model cards, space management and integration).

Upload / Download files

The repository, upload and download guides have been revisited to showcase the different possibilities to manage a repository and upload/download files to/from it. The focus has been explicitly put on the HTTP endpoints rather than the git cli.

  • Refactor guides section + promote HTTP over GIT by @Wauplin in #1338

Integrate a library

A new guide has been added on how to integrate any ML framework with the Hub. It explains what is meant by that and how to do it. Here is the summary table to remember:



New endpoints + QOL improvements

Duplicate a Space

It's now possible to duplicate a Space programmatically!

>>> from huggingface_hub import duplicate_space

# Duplicate a Space to your account
>>> duplicate_space("multimodalart/dreambooth-training")

delete_patterns in upload_folder

New input parameter delete_patterns for the upload_folder method. It allows to delete some remote files before pushing a folder to the Hub, in a single commit. Useful when you don't exactly know which files have already been pushed. Here is an example to upload log files while deleting existing logs on the Hub:

    allow_patterns="*.txt", # Upload all local text files
    delete_patterns="*.txt", # Delete all remote text files before
  • Add delete_patterns option to upload_folder by @Wauplin in #1370

List repo history

Get the repo history (i.e. all the commits) for a given revision.

# Get initial commit on a repo
>>> from huggingface_hub import list_repo_commits
>>> initial_commit = list_repo_commits("gpt2")[-1]

# Initial commit is always a system commit containing the `.gitattributes` file.
>>> initial_commit
    created_at=datetime.datetime(2019, 2, 18, 10, 36, 15, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc),
    title='initial commit',
  • Add list_repo_commits to list git history of a repo by @Wauplin in #1331

Accept token in huggingface-cli login

--token and --add-to-git-credential option have been added to login directly from the CLI using an environment variable. Useful to login in a Github CI script for example.

huggingface-cli login --token $HUGGINGFACE_TOKEN --add-to-git-credential
  • Add token and git credentials to login cli command by @silvanocerza in #1372
  • token in CLI login docs by @Wauplin (direct commit on main)

Telemetry helper

Helper for external libraries to track usage of specific features of their package. Telemetry can be globally disabled by the user using HF_HUB_DISABLE_TELEMETRY.

from huggingface_hub.utils import send_telemetry

send_telemetry("gradio/local_link", library_name="gradio", library_version="3.22.1")

Breaking change

When loading a model card with an invalid model_index in the metadata, an error is explicitly raised. Previous behavior was to trigger a warning and ignore the model_index. This was problematic as it could lead to a loss of information. Fixing this is a breaking change but impact should be limited as the server is already rejecting invalid model cards. An optional ignore_metadata_errors argument (default to False) can be used to load the card with only a warning.

  • Explicit raise on invalid model_index + add ignore_metadata_errors option by @Wauplin in #1377

Bugfixes & small improvements

Model cards, datasets cards and space cards

A few improvements in repo cards: expose RepoCard as top-level, dict-like methods for RepoCardData object (#1354), updated template and improved type annotation for metadata.

  • Updating MC headings by @EziOzoani in #1367
  • Switch datasets type in ModelCard to a list of datasets by @davanstrien in #1356
  • Expose RepoCard at top level + few qol improvements by @Wauplin in #1354
  • Explicit raise on invalid model_index + add ignore_metadata_errors option by @Wauplin in #1377


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