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v0.12.0: Spaces on steroids 🚀, extended HfApi, documentation, modelcards and more

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13 months ago

Spaces on steroids 🚀

Spaces support has been substantially enhanced. You can now:

  • Request hardware for your Space !
  • Configure your Space secrets
  • Get runtime information about your Space
# Assign hardware when creating the Space
api.create_repo(repo_id=repo_id, repo_type="space", space_sdk="gradio", space_hardware="cpu-upgrade")

# Configure some secrets
api.add_space_secret(repo_id=repo_id, key="HF_TOKEN", value="hf_api_***")

# Request hardware on the fly
api.request_space_hardware(repo_id=repo_id, hardware="t4-medium")

# Get Space runtime (state, hardware, sdk,...)

Visit the docs for more details.

And in bonus: Spaces now support Dockerfile natively !

api.create_repo(repo_id=repo_id, repo_type="space", space_sdk="docker")

Check out the docs for more details.

New features and improvements for HfApi

List all branches and tags from a repo

It's now possible to list branches/tags from a repo, getting exact ref and target_commit.
More details in the docs.

>>> api.list_repo_refs("bigcode/the-stack", repo_type='dataset')
        GitRefInfo(name='main', ref='refs/heads/main', target_commit='18edc1591d9ce72aa82f56c4431b3c969b210ae3'),
        GitRefInfo(name='v1.1.a1', ref='refs/heads/v1.1.a1', target_commit='f9826b862d1567f3822d3d25649b0d6d22ace714')],
        GitRefInfo(name='v1.0', ref='refs/tags/v1.0', target_commit='c37a8cd1e382064d8aced5e05543c5f7753834da')

Manage your "favorite repos" list

New endpoints to like a repo, unlike it and list_liked_repos.

  • Add method to list liked repos by @Wauplin in #1254
  • Fix list_liked_repos (only public likes are returned) by @Wauplin in #1273
  • Fix like test by @Wauplin (direct commit on main)

Get the "real" repo_id when creating a repo

When using create_repo, one can provide a simple repo_name without specifying a namespace (example: "my-cool-model" instead of "Wauplin/my-cool-model"). This was annoying for as one could easily know if a namespace has been added to the provided repo_id. To facilitate this, the return value of create_repo is now an instance of RepoUrl which contains information like the endpoint, namespace, repo_id and repo_type.

Create branch from any revision

By default, new branches start from main HEAD. It's now possible to specify any branch, tag or commit id to start from.


Modelcards module is getting some adjustments to better integrate with the Hub. The scope of this work is larger than "just" huggingface_hub and resulted in the launch of the HF Model Card Guidebook to help operationalize model cards in the ML community.

  • Clarify what "More Resources" is by breaking it into its parts. by @meg-huggingface in #1238
  • Adding "summary" variables by @meg-huggingface in #1248
  • datasetcard_template: I think linking to a GH user does not make sense anymore now that dataset repos are fully on the Hub by @julien-c in #1257
  • Push empty model card and dataset card to the Hub by @Wauplin in #1261
  • [Dataset | Model card] When pushing to template repos, work on actual raw contents by @julien-c in #1282
  • Update REGEX_YAML_BLOCK by @julien-c in #1285
  • Make model use more visible by @osanseviero in #1286

Documentation updates

Quite some effort has been put into the documentation in the past few weeks:

Test suite for dependent libraries

huggingface_hub is getting more and more mature but you might still have some friction if you are maintainer of a library depending on huggingface_hub. To help detect breaking changes that would affect third-party libraries, we built a framework to run simple end-to-end tests in our CI. This is still preliminary work but the hope is make hfh ecosystem more and more robust over time. Check out our README for more details.

  • [RFC] Contrib test suite + tests for timm and sentence_transformers by @Wauplin in #1200

Faster download

Goal is to download files faster. First step has been to increase the chunk size by which the files are uploaded. Second step has been to add an optional Rust extension. This is not officially documented for now as we are internally assessing its benefits and limits. Installing and activating hf_transfer is purely optional.

Breaking changes

  • Repository "clone_from" feature do not create the remote repository if it doesn't exist on the Hub. Please use create_repo first before cloning it locally. The private init argument has also been removed as it was not needed anymore.
  • allow_regex and ignore_regex have been removed from snapshot_download in favor allow_patterns and ignore_patterns.
  • git-based implementation of push_to_hub_fastai has been removed in favor of the HTTP-based approach. Same for ModelHubMixin, PyTorchModelHubMixin, push_to_hub_keras and KerasModelHubMixin.
  • create_repo is now forced to use keyword-arguments. Same for metadata_eval_result.

QOL improvements

Not really some features, not really some fixes. But definitely a quality of life improvement for users 🙂

  • Progress bar when uploading LFS files by @Wauplin in #1266
  • tell user how to paste token on Windows by @fristhon in #1289
  • fixes 1290 - check for existing token during interpreter login by @lonnen in #1291
  • Store token in configurable HF_HOME (in HfFolder) by @Wauplin in #1236
  • Compute sha by chunks when uploading by @Wauplin in #1296


CI runs on Windows !


  • Remove obsolete comment by @severo in #1265
  • fix: authorization header should never forwarded by @rtrompier in #1269
  • refacto Offline repository tests by @Wauplin (direct commit on main)
  • Revert "refacto Offline repository tests" by @Wauplin (direct commit on main)
  • 1278 More robust temporary directory by @Wauplin in #1279
  • Refacto Repository tests by @Wauplin in #1277
  • skip flake8 B028 by @Wauplin (direct commit on main)

Bugfixes & small improvements

  • Fix metadata_update for verified evaluations by @lewtun in #1214
  • Accept pathlib.Path in upload_file by @Wauplin in #1247
  • Skip failing tests related to DatasetFilter by @Wauplin in #1251
  • fix tasks ids test by @Wauplin (direct commit on main)
  • Fix InferenceAPI on image task by @Wauplin in #1270
  • Update "move_repo" doc url + fix Bigcode test in CI by @Wauplin in #1292
  • Fix test_comment_discussion by @Wauplin in #1295
  • Handle hf:// urls + raise ValueError if repo type is unknown by @Wauplin in #1298
  • Make ModelSearchArguments and DatasetSearchArguments more robust by @Wauplin in #1300

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