pypi huggingface-hub 0.0.8
v0.0.8: Model Info, Snapshot download

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2 years ago
  • Addition of the HfApi.model_info method to retrieve information about a repo given a revision.
  • The accompanying snapshot_download utility to download to cache all files stored in that repo at that given revision.

Example usage of HfApi.model_info:

from huggingface_hub import HfApi

hf_api = HfApi()
model_info = hf_api.model_info("lysandre/dummy-hf-hub")

print("Model ID:", model_info.modelId)

for file in model_info.siblings:
    print("file:", file.rfilename)


Model ID: lysandre/dummy-hf-hub
file: .gitattributes

Example usage of snapshot_download:

from huggingface_hub import snapshot_download
import os

repo_path = snapshot_download("lysandre/dummy-hf-hub")


['.gitattributes', '']

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