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v0.0.17: Non-blocking git push, notebook login

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2 years ago

v0.0.17: Non-blocking git push, notebook login

Non-blocking git-push

The pushing methods now have access to a blocking boolean parameter to indicate whether the push should happen

In order to see if the push has finished or its status code (to spot a failure), one should use the command_queue
property on the Repository object.

For example:

from huggingface_hub import Repository

repo = Repository("<local_folder>", clone_from="<user>/<model_name>")

with repo.commit("Commit message", blocking=False):
    # Save data

last_command = repo.command_queue[-1]

# Status of the push command
# Will return the status code
#     -> -1 will indicate the push is still ongoing
#     -> 0 will indicate the push has completed successfully
#     -> non-zero code indicates the error code if there was an error

# if there was an error, the stderr may be inspected

# Whether the command finished or if it is still ongoing

# Whether the command errored-out.

When using blocking=False, the commands will be tracked and your script will exit only when all pushes are done, even
if other errors happen in your script (a failed push counts as done).

Notebook login (@sgugger)

The huggingface_hub library now has a notebook_login method which can be used to login on notebooks with no access to the shell. In a notebook, login with the following:

from huggingface_hub import notebook_login


Improvements and bugfixes

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