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v0.0.13: Context Manager

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v0.0.13: Context Manager

Version 0.0.13 introduces a context manager to save files directly to the Hub. See below for some examples.

Example with a single file

from huggingface_hub import Repository

repo = Repository("text-files", clone_from="<user>/text-files", use_auth_token=True)

with repo.commit("My first file."):
    with open("file.txt", "w+") as f:
        f.write(json.dumps({"key": "value"}))

Example with a statement:

import torch
from huggingface_hub import Repository

model = torch.nn.Transformer()

repo = Repository("torch-files", clone_from="<user>/torch-files", use_auth_token=True)

with repo.commit("Adding my cool model!"):, "")

Example with a Flax/JAX seralization statement

from flax import serialization
from jax import random
from flax import linen as nn
from huggingface_hub import Repository

model = nn.Dense(features=5)

key1, key2 = random.split(random.PRNGKey(0))
x = random.normal(key1, (10,))
params = model.init(key2, x)

bytes_output = serialization.to_bytes(params)

repo = Repository("flax-model", clone_from="<user>/flax-model", use_auth_token=True)

with repo.commit("Adding my cool Flax model!"):
    with open("flax_model.msgpack", "wb") as f:

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