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v0.0.10: Merging `huggingface_hub` with `api-inference-community` and hub interfaces

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2 years ago

v0.0.10: Merging huggingface_hub with api-inference-community and hub interfaces

v0.0.10 Signs the merging of three components of the HuggingFace stack: the huggingface_hub repository is now the central platform to contribute new libraries to be supported on the hub.

It regroups three previously separated components:

  • The huggingface_hub Python library, as the Python library to download, upload, and retrieve information from the hub.
  • The api-inference-community, as the platform where libraries wishing for hub support may be added.
  • The interfaces, as the definition for pipeline types as well as default widget inputs and definitions/UI elements for third-party libraries.

Future efforts will be focused on further easing contributing third-party libraries to the Hugging Face Hub

Improvement & Fixes

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