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Release v1.55.0

15 days ago

This is release 1.55.0 (grandslam) of gRPC Core.

For gRPC documentation, see For previous releases, see Releases.

This release contains refinements, improvements, and bug fixes, with highlights listed below.


  • [Compiler Fix] Backport - Bring declarations and definitions to be in sync (#32911). (#32915)
  • [XDS] Revert "Revert "XDS: enable XDS federation by default (#32711)" (#32814). (#32902)
  • [cleanup] Remove public_headers_must_be_c89 test. (#32898)
  • [tcp] Add channel argument for SO_RVCBUF size. (#32887)
  • [xds] Remove variable protection from custom LB policies. (#32888)
  • [BoringSSL] Update third_party/boringssl-with-bazel. (#32868)
  • [protobuf] Upgrade third_party/protobuf to 22.x. (#32606)
  • [HTTP Proxy] Support CIDR blocks in no_proxy config. (#31119)

All wrapped languages

  • [Deps] Backport-1.55: Upgrade Protobuf to v23.1. (#33165)


  • [Build] Backport-1.55: Removed gRPC_PROTOBUF_PACKAGE_TYPE, supporting config only. (#33018)
    • FindProtobuf doesn’t work with Protobuf v22 and later so gRPC stops giving an option to choose a search mode when finding a Protobuf Package, expecting Protobuf is installed using CMake.


  • [Ruby] rubify type names start with lower case or non-alpha characters. (#32604)

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