pypi fuzzy-asteroids 2.0.0

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2 years ago

This update marks a major update to the Asteroid environment which implements multi-agent control of Spaceships. This
is the current working basis for the 2021-2022 FuzzyChallenge, good luck to all competitors!

AsteroidGame class changes:

  • time_limit is no longer specified at the environment level, now is scenario-specific, enabling larger more
    complex scenarios to last longer than shorter scenarios
  • Removed lives as an environment level parameter, specified at the Scenario level via ship_states
  • Keyboard inputs will be applied universally to all ships in a multi-ship scenario
  • Ship-to-ship collisions have been enabled, don't bump into your teammates!
  • Multi-ship control actions/lives have been built as separate dashboards when graphics are on

Scenario class changes:

  • Can specify ship_states argument in constructor which enables multi-ship scenarios, the ship_states argument
    should be a List[Dict[str, object]] which can be unpacked by the ShipSprite constructor. Use the ShipSprite
    constructor as a blueprint for what can be defined in each dictionary entry
  • Can specify a timeout argument for each Scenario
  • Added ships() function which is called by the environment to generate starting Sprites at scenario start-up

FuzzyAsteroidGame class changes:

  • Added optional controller_timeout argument to constructor to enable asynchronous dropout of controller calls
  • Added optional ignore_exceptions argument to constructor to offer the ability to ignore exceptions for longer
    training runs and data analysis.
  • Added graphics components to communicate exceptions/timeouts.

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