pypi flask-restx 0.4.0

latest releases: 1.1.0, 1.0.6, 1.0.5...
22 months ago

NOTE: Any release before 0.4.0 will attempt to use Flask >= 2.0.0 and Werkzeug >= 2.0.0
This will cause errors! To fix this in your environment, pin Flask and Werkzeugh to < 2.0.0

  • Fix Namespace error handlers when propogate_exceptions=True (#285) [mjreiss]

  • pin flask and werkzeug due to breaking changes (#308) [jchittum]

  • The Flask/Blueprint API moved to the Scaffold base class (#308) [jloehel]

  • added specs-url-scheme option for API (#237) [DustinMoriarty]

  • Doc enhancements [KAUTH, Abdur-rahmaanJ]

  • New example with loosely couple implementation [maurerle]

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