pypi flask-restx 0.3.0

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24 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • Make error handlers order of registration respected when handling errors (#202) [avilaton]
  • add prefix to config setting (#114) [heeplr]
  • Doc fixes [openbrian, mikhailpashkov, rich0rd, Rich107, kashyapm94, SteadBytes, ziirish]
  • Use relative path for api.specs_url (#188) [jslay88]
  • Allow example=False (#203) [ogenstad]
  • Add support for recursive models (#110) [peterjwest, buggyspace, Drarok, edwardfung123]
  • generate choices schema without collectionFormat (#164) [leopold-p]
  • Catch TypeError in marshalling (#75) [robyoung]
  • Unable to access nested list propert (#91) [arajkumar]


  • Update Python versions [johnthagen]
  • allow strict mode when validating model fields (#186) [maho]
  • Make it possible to include "unused" models in the generated swagger documentation (#90)[volfpeter]

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