pypi docker-compose 1.27.0


  • Merge 2.x and 3.x compose formats and align with COMPOSE_SPEC schema
  • Implement service mode for ipc
  • Pass COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME environment variable in container mode
  • Make run behave in the same way as up
  • Use docker build on docker-compose run when COMPOSE_DOCKER_CLI_BUILD environment variable is set
  • Use docker-py default API version for engine queries (auto)
  • Parse network_mode on build


  • Ignore build context path validation when building is not required
  • Fix float to bytes conversion via docker-py bump to 4.3.1
  • Fix scale bug when deploy section is set
  • Fix docker-py bump in
  • Fix experimental build failure detection
  • Fix context propagation to docker cli


  • Drop support for Python 2.7
  • Add script for docs syncronization
  • Bump docker-py to 4.3.1
  • Bump tox to 3.19.0
  • Bump virtualenv to 20.0.30
latest releases: 1.27.4, 1.27.3, 1.27.2...
one month ago