pypi dj-rest-auth 5.1.0

latest release: 6.0.0
25 days ago

What's Changed

  • #541 Check for refresh cookie when JWT_AUTH_HTTPONLY is True by @Routhinator in #572
  • Added key and uid fields to the reset password form by @Explie in #554
  • Disable email confirmation ratelimit in tests to support new allauth by @leona-ya in #597
  • Fix Middleware Configuration Issue: Added AccountMiddleware in MIDDLEWARE by @Bishow-Thapa in #588
  • [ ADD ] Mandarin translation by @lucacitta in #582
  • [Security] Remove tokens from response body if httpOnly Cookie and Rotate Refresh token is being Used by @Aniket-Singla in #580
  • Added a request.auth check to logout to avoid false success message when no token is passed by @UmeshanUC in #601

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 5.0.2...5.1.0

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