pypi ddtrace 2.8.2

latest releases: 1.20.19, 2.8.5, 2.9.0rc7...
28 days ago

Bug Fixes

  • tracing: This fix resolves an issue where sampling rules were not matching correctly on float values that had a 0 decimal value. Sampling rules now evaluate such values as integers.

  • langchain: This fix resolves an issue where the LangChain integration always attempted to patch LangChain partner
    libraries, even if they were not available.

  • langchain: This fix resolves an issue where tracing Chain.invoke() instead of Chain.__call__() resulted in the an ArgumentError due to an argument name change for inputs between the two methods.

  • langchain: This fix adds error handling for checking if a traced LLM or chat model is an OpenAI instance, as the langchain_community package does not allow automatic submodule importing.

  • internal: This fix resolves an error regarding the remote config module with payloads missing a lib_config entry

  • profiling: fix a bug that caused the HTTP exporter to crash when attempting to serialize tags.

  • grpc: Resolves segfaults raised when grpc.aio interceptors are registered

  • Code Security: Ensure that when tainting the headers of a Flask application, iterating over the headers (i.e., with headers.items()) does not duplicate them.

  • pymongo: this resolves an issue where the library raised an error in pymongo.pool.validate_session

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