pypi ddtrace 1.9.7

latest releases: 1.14.0, 1.14.0rc2, 1.13.4...
18 days ago

Bug Fixes

  • asgi: Ensures error.message and error.stack tags are set when an exception is raised in a route.
  • flask: Remove patching for Flask hooks app.before_first_request and bp.before_app_first_request if Flask version >= 2.3.0.
  • profiler: Fixed a bug that caused segmentation faults in applications that use protobuf as a runtime dependency.
  • gunicorn: This fix ensures ddtrace threads do not block the master process from spawning workers when DD_TRACE_DEBUG=true. This issue impacts gunicorn applications using gevent and python<=3.6.
  • sanic: Resolves sanic_routing.exceptions.InvalidUsage error raised when gevent is installed or DD_UNLOAD_MODULES_FROM_SITECUSTOMIZE is set to True.

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