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dbt-core 1.8.0-b2 - April 03, 2024


  • Global config for --target and --profile CLI flags and DBT_TARGET and DBT_PROFILE environment variables. (#7798)
  • Allow excluding resource types for build, list, and clone commands, and provide env vars (#9237)
  • SourceDefinition.meta represents source-level and table-level meta properties, instead of only table-level (#9766)
  • Allow metrics in semantic layer filters. (#9804)


  • fix lock-file bad indentation (#9319)
  • Tighten exception handling to avoid worker thread hangs. (#9583)
  • Do not add duplicate input_measures (#9360)
  • Throw a ParsingError if a primary key constraint is defined on multiple columns or at both the column and model level. (#9581)
  • Bug fix: don't parse Jinja in filters for input metrics or measures. (#9582)
  • Fix traceback parsing for exceptions raised due to csv fixtures moved into or out of fixture/subfolders. (#9570)
  • Fix partial parsing KeyError on deleted schema files (#8860)
  • Support saved queries in dbt list (#9532)
  • include sources in catalog.json when over 100 relations selected for catalog generation (#9755)
  • Support overriding macros in packages in unit testing (#9624)
  • Handle exceptions for failing on-run-* hooks in source freshness (#9511)
  • Validation of unit test parsing for incremental models (#9593)
  • Fix use of retry command on command using defer (#9770)
  • Make args variable to be un-modified by dbt.invoke(args) (#8938, #9787)
  • Unit test path outputs (#9608)
  • Fix assorted source freshness edgecases so check is run or actionable information is given (#9078)
  • "Fix Docker release process to account for both historical and current versions of dbt-postgres (#9827)


Under the Hood

  • Remove unused key wildcard from MethodName enum (#9641)
  • Improve dbt CLI speed (#4627)
  • Include node_info in various Result events (#9619)


  • Bump actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4 (#9470)
  • Restrict protobuf to 4.* versions (#9566)
  • Bump codecov/codecov-action from 3 to 4 (#9659)


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