pypi datasette 0.59

  • Columns can now have associated metadata descriptions in metadata.json, see Column descriptions. (#942)
  • New register_commands() plugin hook allows plugins to register additional Datasette CLI commands, e.g. datasette mycommand file.db. (#1449)
  • Adding ?_facet_size=max to a table page now shows the number of unique values in each facet. (#1423)
  • Upgraded dependency httpx 0.20 - the undocumented allow_redirects= parameter to datasette.client is now follow_redirects=, and defaults to False where it previously defaulted to True. (#1488)
  • The --cors option now causes Datasette to return the Access-Control-Allow-Headers: Authorization header, in addition to Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *. (#1467)
  • Code that figures out which named parameters a SQL query takes in order to display form fields for them is no longer confused by strings that contain colon characters. (#1421)
  • Renamed --help-config option to --help-settings. (#1431)
  • datasette.databases property is now a documented API. (#1443)
  • The base.html template now wraps everything other than the <footer> in a <div class="not-footer"> element, to help with advanced CSS customization. (#1446)
  • The render_cell() plugin hook can now return an awaitable function. This means the hook can execute SQL queries. (#1425)
  • register_routes(datasette) plugin hook now accepts an optional datasette argument. (#1404)
  • New hide_sql canned query option for defaulting to hiding the SQL quey used by a canned query, see Additional canned query options. (#1422)
  • New --cpu option for datasette publish cloudrun. (#1420)
  • If Rich is installed in the same virtual environment as Datasette, it will be used to provide enhanced display of error tracebacks on the console. (#1416)
  • datasette.utils parse_metadata(content) function, used by the new datasette-remote-metadata plugin, is now a documented API. (#1405)
  • Fixed bug where ?_next=x&_sort=rowid could throw an error. (#1470)
  • Column cog menu no longer shows the option to facet by a column that is already selected by the default facets in metadata. (#1469)
9 days ago