pypi datasette 0.52

This release includes a number of changes relating to an internal rebranding effort: Datasette's configuration mechanism (things like datasette --config default_page_size:10) has been renamed to settings.

  • New --setting default_page_size 10 option as a replacement for --config default_page_size:10 (note the lack of a colon). The --config option is deprecated but will continue working until Datasette 1.0. (#992)
  • The /-/config introspection page is now /-/settings, and the previous page redirects to the new one. (#1103)
  • The config.json file in Configuration directory mode is now called settings.json. (#1104)
  • The undocumented datasette.config() internal method has been replaced by a documented .setting(key) method. (#1107)

Also in this release:

  • New plugin hook: database_actions(datasette, actor, database), which adds menu items to a new cog menu shown at the top of the database page. (#1077)
  • datasette publish cloudrun has a new --apt-get-install option that can be used to install additional Ubuntu packages as part of the deployment. This is useful for deploying the new datasette-ripgrep plugin. (#1110)
  • Swept the documentation to remove words that minimize involved difficulty. (#1089)

And some bug fixes:

  • Foreign keys linking to rows with blank label columns now display as a hyphen, allowing those links to be clicked. (#1086)
  • Fixed bug where row pages could sometimes 500 if the underlying queries exceeded a time limit. (#1088)
  • Fixed a bug where the table action menu could appear partially obscured by the edge of the page. (#1084)
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