pypi datasette 0.51a1

  • New colour scheme and improved visual design, courtesy of Natalie Downe. (#1056)
  • scale-in animation for column action menu. (#1039)
  • Wide tables now scroll horizontally. (#998)
  • Option to pass a list of templates to .render_template() is now documented. (#1045)
  • New datasette.urls.static_plugins() method. (#1033)
  • BLOB column values can now be downloaded directly from the Datasette UI. (#1036)
  • .csv exports now link to direct BLOB downloads. (#1034)
  • datasette -o option now opens the most relevant page. (#976)
  • datasette --cors option now enables access to /database.db downloads. (#1057)
  • Database file downloads now implement cascading permissions, so you can download a database if you have view-database-download permission even if you do not have permission to access the Datasette instance. (#1058)
  • New documentation on Designing URLs for your plugin. (#1053)
  • New navigation menu plus a menu_links(datasette, actor) plugin hook to customize it. (#1064)
  • table_actions(datasette, actor, database, table) plugin hook for the new table actions menu. (#1066)
latest releases: 0.59, 0.59a2, 0.59a1...
11 months ago