pypi datasette 0.50

The key new feature in this release is the column actions menu on the table page (#891). This can be used to sort a column in ascending or descending order, facet data by that column or filter the table to just rows that have a value for that column.

Plugin authors can use the new datasette.client object to make internal HTTP requests from their plugins, allowing them to make use of Datasette's JSON API. (#943)

New Deploying Datasette documentation with guides for deploying Datasette on a Linux server using systemd or to hosting providers that support buildpacks. (#514, #997)

Other improvements in this release:

  • Publishing to Google Cloud Run documentation now covers Google Cloud SDK options. Thanks, Geoffrey Hing. (#995)
  • New datasette -o option which opens your browser as soon as Datasette starts up. (#970)
  • Datasette now sets sqlite3.enable_callback_tracebacks(True) so that errors in custom SQL functions will display tracebacks. (#891)
  • Fixed two rendering bugs with column headers in portrait mobile view. (#978, #980)
  • New db.table_column_details(table) introspection method for retrieving full details of the columns in a specific table, see Database introspection.
  • Fixed a routing bug with custom page wildcard templates. (#996)
  • datasette publish heroku now deploys using Python 3.8.6.
  • New datasette publish heroku --tar= option. (#969)
  • OPTIONS requests against HTML pages no longer return a 500 error. (#1001)
  • Datasette now supports Python 3.9.
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12 months ago