pypi datasette 0.47

  • Datasette now has a GitHub discussions forum for conversations about the project that go beyond just bug reports and issues.
  • Datasette can now be installed on macOS using Homebrew! Run brew install simonw/datasette/datasette. See Using Homebrew. (#335)
  • Two new commands: datasette install name-of-plugin and datasette uninstall name-of-plugin. These are equivalent to pip install and pip uninstall but automatically run in the same virtual environment as Datasette, so users don't have to figure out where that virtual environment is - useful for installations created using Homebrew or pipx. See Installing plugins. (#925)
  • A new command-line option, datasette --get, accepts a path to a URL within the Datasette instance. It will run that request through Datasette (without starting a web server) and print out the repsonse. See datasette --get for an example. (#926)
latest releases: 0.59, 0.59a2, 0.59a1...
14 months ago