pypi datasette 0.41

You can now create custom pages within your Datasette instance using a custom template file. For example, adding a template file called templates/pages/about.html will result in a new page being served at /about on your instance. See the custom pages documentation for full details, including how to return custom HTTP headers, redirects and status codes. (#648)

Configuration directory mode (#731) allows you to define a custom Datasette instance as a directory. So instead of running the following:

$ datasette one.db two.db \
  --metadata.json \
  --template-dir=templates/ \
  --plugins-dir=plugins \
  --static css:css

You can instead arrange your files in a single directory called my-project and run this:

$ datasette my-project/

Also in this release:

  • New NOT LIKE table filter: ?colname__notlike=expression. (#750)
  • Datasette now has a pattern portfolio at /-/patterns - e.g. This is a page that shows every Datasette user interface component in one place, to aid core development and people building custom CSS themes. (#151)
  • SQLite PRAGMA functions such as pragma_table_info(tablename) are now allowed in Datasette SQL queries. (#761)
  • Datasette pages now consistently return a content-type of text/html; charset=utf-8". (#752)
  • Datasette now handles an ASGI raw_path value of None, which should allow compatibilty with the Mangum adapter for running ASGI apps on AWS Lambda. Thanks, Colin Dellow. (#719)
  • Installation documentation now covers how to Install using pipx. (#756)
  • Improved the documentation for Full-text search.
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