pypi datasette 0.20
Datasette 0.20: static assets and templates for plugins

Mostly new work on the Plugins mechanism: plugins can now bundle static assets and custom templates, and datasette publish has a new --install=name-of-plugin option.

  • Add col-X classes to HTML table on custom query page
  • Fixed out-dated template in documentation
  • Plugins can now bundle custom templates, #224
  • Added /-/metadata /-/plugins /-/inspect, #225
  • Documentation for --install option, refs #223
  • Datasette publish/package --install option, #223
  • Fix for plugins in Python 3.5, #222
  • New plugin hooks: extra_css_urls() and extra_js_urls(), #214
  • /-/static-plugins/PLUGIN_NAME/ now serves static/ from plugins
  • now gets class="col-X" - plus added col-X documentation
  • Use to_css_class for table cell column classes

This ensures that columns with spaces in the name will still
generate usable CSS class names. Refs #209

  • Add column name classes to s, make PK bold [Russ Garrett]
  • Don't duplicate simple primary keys in the link column [Russ Garrett]

When there's a simple (single-column) primary key, it looks weird to
duplicate it in the link column.

This change removes the second PK column and treats the link column as
if it were the PK column from a header/sorting perspective.

  • Correct escaping for HTML display of row links [Russ Garrett]
  • Longer time limit for test_paginate_compound_keys

It was failing intermittently in Travis - see #209

  • Use application/octet-stream for downloadable databses
  • Updated PyPI classifiers
  • Updated PyPI link to
latest releases: 0.59, 0.59a2, 0.59a1...
3 years ago