pypi datasette 0.16
Datasette 0.16: sort on mobile, better error handling

  • Better mechanism for handling errors; 404s for missing table/database

    New error mechanism closes #193

    404s for missing tables/databases closes #184

    • long_description in markdown for the new PyPI

    • Hide Spatialite system tables. [Russ Garrett]

    • Allow explain select / explain query plan select #201

    • Datasette inspect now finds primary_keys #195

    • Ability to sort using form fields (for mobile portrait mode) #199

    We now display sort options as a select box plus a descending checkbox, which means you can apply sort orders even in portrait mode on a mobile phone where the column headers are hidden.

latest releases: 0.59, 0.59a2, 0.59a1...
3 years ago