pypi datasette 0.12
Datasette 0.12

  • Added __version__, now displayed as tooltip in page footer

  • Added initial docs, including a changelog (#99).

  • Turned on auto-escaping in Jinja.

  • Added a UI for editing named parameters (#96).

    You can now construct a custom SQL statement using SQLite named parameters (e.g. :name) and datasette will display form fields for editing those parameters. Here's an example which lets you see the most popular names for dogs of different species registered through various dog registration schemes in Australia.

  • Pin to specific Jinja version. (#100).

  • Default to not (#98).

  • Added extra metadata options to publish and package commands.

    You can now run these commands like so:

    datasette now publish mydb.db \
        --title="My Title" \
        --source="Source" \
        --source_url="" \
        --license="CC0" \

    This will write those values into the metadata.json that is packaged
    with the app. If you also pass --metadata=metadata.json that file
    will be updated with the extra values before being written into the
    Docker image.

  • Added simple production-ready Dockerfile (#94) [Andrew Cutler]

  • New ?_sql_time_limit_ms=10 argument to database and table page

  • SQL syntax highlighting with Codemirror (#89) [Tom Dyson]

latest releases: 0.59, 0.59a2, 0.59a1...
3 years ago